Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hammer Down, Now

I've been trying a partial interstate ride to work. I normally hate interstate riding, 'cause, a.) it's boring as shit*; b.) I have to ride the piss out of my 250 to stay anywhere close to keeping up with traffic, generally; c.) I like slower, more interesting rides.

But I also hate d.) getting up at the ass-crack of dawn, too.  :)  I actually don't mind that at all, but I like time to relax, have coffee, eat, shower, etc. and not be rushed out the door in the mornings. Being late is not good at any time, but being a new guy, I've determined that I'm just never going to do that.

The few days I've done a partial interstate ride, I've shaved 10-15 minutes off the commute, but Reynaud's was setting in. So, I hit up Cycle Gear's web site, to see if they had the solution, and they did. The CrampBuster is now on sale there for $5.99, and on my test ride back home via Briley Parkway, I can testify this is the best $6 I could have ever spent on a scooter accessory. I can easily hold 70 MPH, and never feel the slightest vibration through either hand. Awesome.


* Except for the moments of pants-shitting terror, which is another reason not to ride the interstate.

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