Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blue vs. Grey: Post Script

Given the number of comments I heard from the out-of-towners -- before they knew I had anything at all to do with, that is (and truth is, I had almost nothing to do with the rally planning and execution) -- I would say this rally was a robust success. The comments were all about how well-organized, stuck-to-schedule and professionally everything was run, and it was. Those comments made me very proud of scootnashville. Everyone, without exception, seems to have had a great time, for sure.

Amy models the Grand Prize. She worked very hard with Kerry to make this one great event!

Stan (mechanic @ Scenic City Scooters, Chattanooga) hangs out after breakfast, while Oliver checks his breath. I had mints, Oliver!  :)  I didn't see many bloody marys being consumed.

Mike Wolfe noshing on a bagel, and Yours Truly, having coffee. In the foreground is Mike's souped-up, pristine blue Vespa PX200 (P200X?). He almost lost the engine out on the Trace a while back, I hear.  :)  Apparently, the nut to the main bolt came off at some point... it's not like these puppies vibrate, or anythang, right?  PROTIP: Blue Loktite, Mike. Blue Loktite.

Kerry prepares to hand out the awards, and draw for the P200.

The WINNER!  Name withheld for IRS purposes.  ;)

Willy, Hank and northdrums have a post-festivities chat.

I took about ten folx on the West Side's Best Ride, after the close of all rally activities at Sevier Park.

Norm picked up a deceased six-legged friend on the ride.

In all, this is the best rally I have ever attended. Well, it's also the first rally I've attended, too. :)  Hats off to everyone who made this possible -- the sponsors, Willy, Ross, Tonya, Graham and Amy were hugely instrumental to the very successful kickoff of what ought to be a new, can't-miss tradition for southeastern scooterists every year. Here's to 2013!

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