Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day Two, Part One

A lovely young woman from Memphis, whose name I have already forgotten, sadly [it's Lettie, btw]. That's her Kymco People 150. She is here in Nashville with her husband, basking in the coolness of the first Blue vs. Grey Rally, evar. They're both with Memphis Kings, probably TN's oldest and best-known scooter club. Memphis is a four-hour interstate drive.

The scene at 9:00 a.m. in Centennial Park.

We had three rides scheduled: The fast ride, which Oliver led to Murfreesboro/Stones River Battlefield; the medium ride which I led halfway*, to Franklin via the Natchez Trace, and; the slow ride, led by Ed and Michele, to and through Percy Warner Park.

Memphis?  Atlanta? Elvis?

Kerry (L) and Willy (R) make up things to yell through the bullhorn to disturb the huge yoga class in the background.

Finally, all of the Trace riders come together at...

... Puckett's. I got most of us lost out TN 46 for a while. Nice seeing that end of 46, you have to admit.  :)

The MetLife blimp, as seen from La Vergne*.

By the time I battled hellacious interstate traffic (90 minutes to move 10 miles) and rejoined everyone at Marathon Village, Corsair Distillery's tap room was closing, and there were only two tables still set up in the Swap Meet. I missed the Slow Ride contest, which was won by one of the vendors from Atlanta. This tent  is for Scooter Mercato, one of our awesome sponsors, based in Atlanta. I bought one of their great t-shirts (pics to come).

RAFFLE BIKE, DAYLIGHT EDITION. The scooter raffle is tomorrow; the other stuff raffle is tonight at The 5 Spot. This blog, as a sponsor, donated a couple of thangs for the other stuff raffle.

Kerry's Tiki P. He and Amy have been constantly in motion since this all started up. What a great crew we have here in

More photos from "one of the hottest clubs in America," The 5 Spot (according to The New York Times). Later, or early Sunday, of course.

* I had some business to which I had to attend in La Vergne this afternoon. Oh, and I am now certified in the "Testing and Evaluation of Backflow Prevention Assemblies" by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Division of Water Supply; inspector #8164; expires 5/11/2015. Yay, me!

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