Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm Feelin' My Age

... what with all the walking, that is. Up at 4:30 to be at work before 8:00, and back home and to bed by 8:00. Sigh.

I saw four scooters today, riding home on the #10 bus. Only one -- the first -- was unidentifiable, and I'm assuming it was a CCS, as it had a flimsy-looking topbox on it. The second looked like a Genuine Buddy, but was actually a black and "chrome" Roketa, of some sort (it had these huge fake chrome panels on the rear fenders; UPDATE: It was this one). It sounded really rough, too (he passed me as I waited for the #10 @ Church and 21st). The third was a black Burgman, but not sure which. If it was my co-worker's, it's the 650 (she lives in that area, so it may have been her). The last one was a Vino 125, and he executed what I would call a questionable u-turn on 46th Ave.


  1. JP --

    Impressed w/your scootr sitings. On this trip to WA, stopped at MickiD's in the early a.m. in MT -- the old man's club was in session but dismissed while I was there. One of them walked out to his scootr in the parking lot, while another McD's employee rode up one one!

    I'm also regularly seeing 3-5 scootrz for sale on used car lots.

    Keep doin' it -- the times, they are a-changin' -- slowly, it's true.

  2. yes -- but driving to WA state from the Midwest & back.

    although some people are walking even farther:

    march for peace.