Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 75, 682.2km

A trip to Bellevue, on roads with speed limits of up to 55mph! Whoo-hoo!

Here's the route I took:

Doesn't look like much, but it's about a 20-minute one-way trip (okay, so it isn't much). The 55mph starts just west of River Road, and continues up to where the turn, south, onto Old Hickory Boulevard begins. Almost all of the rest of it is 45mph, except the part near the condos (at the northernmost part of the map... actually, beyond the boundaries, for anti-stalker reasons!), which is 30mph. However, no one does 45mph on that stretch of Old Hickory, as it's four wide lanes, and very hilly and somewhat curvy... I kept up with traffic and then some, doing an indicated 50mph+ up hills, and an indicated 60mph+ downhills and in the flats. Man, it was fun.

Why was I goin' there? Well, a friend was meeting another friend (whom I hadn't met, yet) at his place, to drink beer, and lounge by a pool, ogling ladies. :) Hey, sounded better than what I had planned for today! ;)

Here's a shot off the new friend's balcony:

His place is really small, though... maybe half the size of my condo, and twice as far from town, and I'm guessing his rent's not cheaper than mine. However, where he lives has four pools, and three stocked ponds (this being one of them), and the construction is newer, and in better repair.

So, I got to hear about these two guys' recent adventures in Bellevue... wine, women and being tossed out of bars. :) I had a couple of beers, and headed back not long after.

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