Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day 76, 722.1km

Today's jaunt: Sevier Park, south central Gnashvegas.

Why? Local blogger picnic. Didn't stay long... just wanted to drop in, say howdy to a few folx, and get back on the scooter for a bit during the sub-100°F temperatures. Hey, I'm not a fambily guy. Here's the route:

So, I arrived, said my howdies, went off to get some hot dog buns (and some awesome Hebrew National hot dogs), came back, grilled said dogs, ate two, watched Ginger run face-first into a tree during a spirited kickball game, said my goodbyes, and followed the same route home.

UPDATE: Well, screw it. Blogger wants to convert today's animated GIF to a PNG file, for some reason (unlike yesterday), so instead, here's a JPG.

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