Monday, August 27, 2007

Day 77, 745.7km

Took a slightly-longer path to and from work, today, but not far off the usual route. I thought I might take Charlotte in to 21st Ave. S., but a huge line of cars turning left at 46th Ave. changed my mind for me.

Had one woman call my scooter a motorcycle today, and one who called it a moped. :)

Birds shat all over the damn thang while it was parked at work, too. Cleaned most of it off with wet paper towels before I left work, but I still gotta get out there with some cleaning products before it gets dark. The neighborhood kids stole my frickin' scooter cover, damn their hides. I want a better one, this time... one that has the aluminized panels all around, and not just in the one spot. Any suggestions/URLs?

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