Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day Three: Vino, Bus, Bus, Vino

James e-mailed last night to say he's got a whole new carb on order from Kymco.

While I don't want to minimize how much it sucks to not be able to just get up, jump on the scooter, and head straight to work (do grocery shopping, etc.), I don't fault James or ESS for this, at all. Sometimes, you get a new vehicle, and it's got a problem. My dealer is working diligently to resolve it, and that, folx, is why I bought a new, warranteed, known-quality brand from a local dealer.

Had I been chump enough to have bought a Chinese scooter from eBay, I'd be lucky to even get parts for it under warranty.

All that aside, I'm enjoying the Vino a little more. It's just so solid, and it runs like a top. If only I could get it to do more than 20-25mph up the extremely slight incline of American Road... :) At least it gets me to the bus stop in a reasonable amount of time... today's the first morning this week I've even had to pull over to let people behind me pass. Maybe once we get the Agility 125 back to ship-shape, I'll put the Vino in for a belt change, and see if I can't squeeze a little more top end out of it.

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