Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Vino, Reconsidered

I wish the Vino would do a steady 40mph all the way from my condo, to work and back. If it would do an honest-to-GPS 40mph the whole way, I'd ride it every day. It's low to the ground, and easy to ride, solid as a rock, and the girls think it's sexy, for some reason.

Yeah, there are kits. I could spend hundreds of dollars, turning it into a 70cc, rejetted, re-exhausted beast. Even then, I have my doubts that it would haul my 200lbs. around at a steady 40mph. It just wasn't built to do that.

But it's a fun li'l ride... as long as you (and the cars behind you) aren't in a hurry. :)

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