Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Last Day As A Fugitive...?

Let's hope so. I'd like to get scootin', again, without the threat of jail hangin' over my head.

The knife-edge of my dilemma: Do I take $1255 cash into a place with a bunch of fugitives hangin' around, or hope the court will accept my check?

It could be a moot point:
Nashville resident Kista London, 28, said she had lived a fugitive's life over the past year.

London's trouble came because she never had a driver's license and had gotten three tickets. A year ago, a judge ordered her to do 40 hours of community service and pay $100, or face a three- to six-month jail sentence.

She never paid the fine, did the community service or went to court. Warrants were issued for her arrest. But Wednesday, she arrived at the courtroom set up inside the church, run by Davidson County General Sessions Judge Gale Robinson. She pleaded guilty, and the charges immediately went away.

No fine, no time.
I'll tell ya how it goes, tomorrow night.

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