Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Day 92, 1002.1km

Turned over 1000km, Monday evening, on the ride home -- 1002.1km as I parked it, to be exact. I left at 4:15 from work, to try to outrun the rain that was heading in... I've now had several commutes in light rain (and was out Saturday morning in a fairly heavy downpour, briefly), and I'm getting more comfortable with it, but honestly, I'd rather not scoot in the rain.

Which is why today is exciting -- I should have the Vino back from the shop, this evening. As I mentioned previously, I was having the drive belt replaced, and the exhaust and variator de-restricted. Well, the guy called last night to say it was done. He also said the belt that was on it looks fine, and I'm getting that back as a spare. The main problem was that it was clogged up with carbon deposits. He cleaned it out good, pulled the restrictor washer out of the exhaust (the variator washer was already missing, he said), and it's a bit peppier, now. I guess I'll see this evening, assuming it isn't just pouring the rain (which it looks like it may be).

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