Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Vino: Holy Frickin' Shit, Batman!

Oh, baby.

This li'l bike is smokin' crack, now. This may be the best $125 I ever spent, scooter-wise.

I took it for a spin 'round the 'hood... had it up to 40mph in no time. I'm guessing a stiff hill (like the one on Premiere Drive) is gonna bog it down, a bit, but I'm thinking this thang may just be a decent backup for the Kymco... for commuting. I'll come back later, and let ya know. :)

UPDATE: Man, I cannot believe this thang. Took a trip to my favorite local hill on Premiere Drive -- the one that used to consistently bog the Vino down to 9mph, indicated. Now? At the crest, the slowest it was going was 28mph...! So, it now has about 3x the power it had, prior to the work. Yeah, that'll work. ;)

Dang. I feel like a kid at Christmas. :) I think I'll ride it to work, tomorrow, just because I can.


  1. wunnerful !!!! sitten

  2. I have to start seriously thinking about getting a scooter. I have no license and no desire to get one( I live in the Boston area after all)but I need good solid transport to get to possible jobs once my Cisco training is complete. Unfortunately, there will be at least 3 months a year(i.e. Winter)where it will still be a problem. I'm thinking of a Yamaha Zuma myself.