Sunday, September 2, 2007

Gear Buys

All stuff I needed for safety and security...

Icon Motorhead boots, for ankle and foot protection...

Dowco Guardian Weatherall Plus cover, for the Agility 125...

Dowco Guardian scooter cover (like the one I had stolen... it seemed more green, than grey, though) for the Vino 50...

... and a Canyon Dancer, to help on those occasions when I need to enlist the help of a pickup truck to help transport either scooter.


  1. Hey Jeff, It's James at ESS. Why you not get your Canyon Dancer from me? Closer dealer? Still love the front of the scooter pick LOL....

  2. Hey, James -- I had no idea you carried 'em! I wish I had more reasons to be in that part of town so I could drop by and hang out a while, get to know your new inventory a little better... maybe work out a deal to put stuff like that on your website for ya, in exchange for tune-ups, etc. ;)

    Has Genuine shipped you a Rattler 110, yet? Lots of good buzz out there on it.

    Have you considered picking up Sym at some point? They have some pretty nice lookin' scoots.

  3. Oh -- forgot. No closer dealers (unless you count the overpriced Hardly Ableson dealer a couple of miles from my house). :) I order a lot of stuff online -- all of this gear from

    One thing I haven't been able to find is bigger and/or longer-stemmed mirrors. When I put that Icon Pursuit on, I get a really good view of the shoulder armor pads. :)

    Another thing I'm looking for... there's a Ducati that parks near my work that has these really cool hand shields that attach at the handlebar weight-end, and project out and around the front of the brake/clutch handles. They look ideal for cold weather riding, which is my plan, of course.

    If you have a line on either of those, let me know!