Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Story Of My Life

Not really, but dang, it's entertainin'.

h/t Britt Knee, who we all miss.

In real life, it's the usual grind. After the I got used to colder temps, the scoot to and from work didn't seem so bad. It really only sux when it's raining, and that's mainly 'cause I busted the ass out of my Frogg Toggs, trying to hitch 'em up too far, and then bending over to pick something up. Heh.

The gloves are perfect down to around 40°F; below that, there's some degree of fingertip numbness by the time I complete the commute.

And, I got a voicemail from James, today, wishing me a Merry Xmas.


  1. Hi,

    I bought a new Kymco Agility 2 months ago. It was started when it was delivered to me, ran just fine.

    I did not touch it for 2 months and tried to start it for the first time today. No success. Tried the electric starter and kickstarter, finally drained the battery.

    Of course, I tried also with 1/8 of throttle open, held the brake lever all the time and filled the tank full before trying.

    Do you have any ideas what do try next, obviously, after recharging the battery?

    Greetings from Croatia

  2. Btw. do you have any idea how to access the spark plug?

  3. sasa -- If you go here, you will find a set of PDF files that make up the Agility 125 service manual. The filenames are in Italian; the text in each file is in English.

    The first thing I would check is the fuel, and then the carburetor. If it had been sitting for 2 months, it is possible that the fuel had gone bad, and/or caused the jets in the carburetor to clog with residue that would be left after some of the volatiles in the fuel evaporated. If this is the case, fill the fuel tank with fresh fuel, charge your battery, and try to start it. If it doesn't start before running the battery low again, a thorough cleaning of the carburetor will probably fix the problem.

    Another thing to check is to insure that the air intake is not in any way leaking. I had this problem when a clamp was not properly tightened, soon after I got my Agility 125. The clamp appeared to tighten, but it was not holding an intake hose to the manifold tightly, and was causing a small air leak, causing the initial fuel/air mixture to be too lean to allow the engine to start.

    See the next post for a diagram of this clamp.

    Good luck! I hope the manual will help you now and in the future.

  4. Hey Jeff,

    I hope I am not taking over your blog too much with my problems. Yesterday I tried to surf the Web looking for solutiona and I stumbled across your site.

    Let me introduce myself, just like yourself, I use scooter to commute daily to work in the city and back, 25 kms round trip. The city is at a sea level, and I live at 350 m height, so where I live, the temperature is usually 5 to 8 degrees C lower than at the sea level, which makes daily commuting a lot of fun.

    I am driving Piaggio Beverly 200, year 2003, around 22.000 km on the tacho and my girlfriend is driving Piaggio NRG 50, 2003, around 24.000 kms. Never fell, neither of us, knock on wood. Beverly has heated grips, and a new set has been purchased for Agility, provided that we manage to start it finally... Agility 125 will be her new scoot, and she will keep old NRG as a backup scooter.

    We both ride 12 months a year, including when it snows, and sometimes, when it the roads are icy. :) Here are two pics of our scooters, one of them is taken before I went to work and had to clean the driveway to be able to get to the road, the other one when we towed NRG with Beverly for 5 kms when the intake ports collapsed the evening before when she was coming home from the city center. :)



    I do not have Agility pics at hand, but it is a blue one model 2007, with luggage case similar to yours. 400 meters on the tacho. :)

    Regarding service manual, last week I bought it on a CD from ebay, but still waiting to be delivered. I have registered on yahoo and now I am waiting to get authorized, they asked me why I want to join the group etc. so I hope I will be able to download the files for which you have provided the link.

    I agree with you, primarily because the guy who delivered the scooter managed to start it at the beginning of the October. I believe it is possible that the fuel has evaporated and left some sludge behind. Another thing I would like to try is to empty the carburetor bowl (sorry for my English, I do not know the exact term), usually there is a little screw that can drain what fuel and water is left in the carburetor.

    I am pretty sure the air intake is tight and it is not leaking. Anyhow I will get back to you with the feedback. The problem is that Agility is in the garage of my girlfriend's parents, some 20 kms away, so organizing anything is a pain in the ass. Also, before trying anything, we have to charge the battery because it is pretty much dead by now.

    Thanks again!