Monday, June 23, 2008

Fulmer AF-655 and All-Kleer

I'm really happy with the Fulmer AF-655 helmet, and it has replaced my Icon Mainframe Halo as my main riding helmet. Keep in mind a lot of my riding is low-speed, short-range scooting on the Yamaha Vino... and while I know I could go chin-first into something, even on the Vino, the improved airflow seems worth the additional risk, to me.

I've even helped to sell a few of them over at East Side Scooters. :) One thing that's great about the AF-655 is that I can don/doff it while wearing my eyeglasses. I've demonstrated my technique (tugging slightly outward on both straps while donning/doffing) to several customers at ESS, and so far, all seem happy with their choice.

One thing that summer riding brings is bugs. Insects. Lots of them, here in mid-TN, btw. And after dark, they all make a bee-line for my faceshield... dunno about your experiences, but I bet you know what I'm talkin' about.

So, keeping the visor clean remains a challenge. However, the product pictured above is a great way to combat the bug guts and other nasties. It's called All-Kleer, by Black Lab Corp. An 8oz. bottle costs around $8-9, retail, and it lasts for quite a long while, as you only have to use it sparingly.

I can vouch for the claims -- using it regularly does make it much easier to clean the nasties off, as the finish it leaves is very slick (and improves raindrop clearance, as well). It's easy to use, too. Just put about a quarter-sized blob in the middle of one side of your shield, and with a soft cloth, rub all over the surface of the shield. Allow to dry for a few minutes, until hazy, and with a soft cloth, buff. Repeat on the other side of the shield. I prefer taking my shield completely off the helmet, but if you're careful, it's not necessary.

Use on the inside surface does offer fogging protection, for about a week or so. I find that unless I do a lot of night riding (which I don't, normally), a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning is all that's needed.

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  1. hey thanks for the advice. im a new agility 125cc owner and this extra info always helps! thanks! -xbFIFTEEN