Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Very Spooky, Very Cool

Dood in Colorado who shares my name (first and last) wrote a kickass GPS application and server product. I'm evaluating it now, courtesy of his server (or is it my server? The name thang's got me cornfusled... heh).

So far, so excellent! Danged accurate... and his server app can use a number of different Internet mapping APIs, including Microsoft Virtual Earth (shown above in "bird's eye view"), Google Maps, Yahoo! and more.

More importantly, the mobile app only reports to the server when there's a certain distance that the unit has moved. That'll conserve power.

Accuracy: See the bullseye? The scooter is actually parked in the white striped area just a few feet to the southeast (about 10'o'clock, a few millimeters, on a 1024x768 display).

I feel that scootrak.com is fixin' to bust large.


  1. Hey! I saw you yesterday, riding on your Vino down Church St. I don't think you saw me: I was stopped at the light, heading N on 8th, wearing a bright red dress and riding my shamrock shake green People 150. I'd gotten my oil changed at ESS the other day and saw your blog poster and had just checked out your blog. I noticed your helmet first, which is just like mine-only nicely embellished- and then figured out that you were the Kymco blogger.

    I live not far from you: about a mile off Briley and Ashland City highway-heading toward town. I ride about 50 miles a day for my job, going all over the middle Tennessee area. I look forward to running into you sometime soon (not literally, of course)!
    Mary Linda

  2. Mary Linda -- Hey! Yeah; sorry I didn't see you, but yes, that was me. I was meeting a friend for lunch at the Quizno's near the library, there.

    I did see a cream Buddy 125 a few blocks west of there, though... that's the only other scooter I saw on the trip yesterday.

    Did you make last week's ScootNashville ride? I didn't know about it. :(

  3. Nope. I didn't know about the ride, either, although I couldn't have, anyway. I work evenings and weekends, mostly. The good thing about my job is that I get paid by the hour, including drive time, so I basically get paid to ride my scooter all over the place! And I get pretty good milage reimbursment so my dear People is rapidly paying for itself.

    I saw an older Vespa about the same color as my People today in Antioch. The guy driving it didn't seem too happy to see me. Can't say I blame him-I prefer to stand out and if thought I had a pretty unique ride and then saw something that looks like a knock-off, I'd be a little put out.