Tuesday, July 15, 2008


... to provide one and all with specialized location-based services.

HOWEVER... nothing is ever simple, easy or cheap... right?

I learned that if I decided to go the way I was going, my customers would have a major re-investment due in 2010.

I can't do that to people and want to make a living doing it, no. I can't leave people stuck in a year or two.

Doing this right means it takes some time. Bear with me. New info coming, soon.

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  1. Hey,

    the blue Croatian Agility 125 that you helped power up around Christmas last year is happily chugging along. It has around 3700 kms on it.

    Unfortunately, my Piaggio Beverly died, so I am driving around on my girl's old Piaggio NRG 50 cc two stroke, 12 kms daily commute to work and back home. Demanding task, considering that I am 250 lbs heavy person. :)

    My friend is importer of Kymco fro Croatia, I have a good offer for Kymco 250S like yours, are you happy with it?

    Greetings from Rijeka, Croatia