Saturday, September 13, 2008

Now Nearly FIVE Dollar Footlongs

Posted yesterday at the cat blog. Less than 20 hours later, the price went from $3.999 to $4.699.

I gotta say, this is alarming. This is at my nearby new Pilot station, who throughout the summer, held prices at $3.699/gallon or lower for the most part. As far as I know, it's about as cheap as one can buy on the west side of town.

Oil closed today at around $103/bbl. The second it spikes upward $10/bbl, every gas station jacks the price 5-20 cents/gallon of gasoline.

When I was 16, gasoline was below $1/gallon. I recall paying $0.699/gallon, at that time (yes, I remember the panic that gas stations went through when they had no digit to the left of the decimal on the pump... have you recently seen one of those "$1" stickers?). All the pumps' displays were analog -- big, Bakelite wheels with numbers and tick marks, white on black. Most places had no "self-service" -- you pulled in, a guy cleaned your windshield, pumped your gas, and didn't expect a tip! Sometimes, they'd offer to empty your trash or ashtray, or do a quick vacuum of the front floorboard.

Granted, minimum wage was $2.85/hr., and I was working a job that paid $3.15/hr. I lived at home, went to school (walked, every day, or later rode with a friend -- never drove myself to school, ever), and drove my dad's 1978 Pontiac Bonneville some evenings and weekends... 400 cubic inches of four-barreled Detroit fury. It was fast, fun, and a complete gas hawg, the way I drove it (sorry, Dad). :)

Fast-forward to 2008. Now, the largest engine I own is 250cc, and it gets over 65mpg on its worst day. I use that scooter about 10% of the time, these days, preferring the 50cc Yamaha Vino, which is even more conservative on fuel use.

Folx, we HAVE to re-think this petroleum-based global goatfuck. If we don't, it won't be long before many millions of people die, both trying to defend and/or acquire (read: steal) what's left out there to be had, cheaply.

I think what we're seeing right now is a near-last-gasp, record-breaking profit-taking, through sheer greed and indifference to the needs of future generations. We have to stop this madness.


  1. Jones, in Croatia, 1 gallon (3.8 liters) is 7.12 US$.

    In most of the Europe, it is 10-30 % more than that.

    Average monthly salary according to state department of statistics in Croatia is around 1040 US$ net monthly.

    Any comment on this? :)

  2. Sasa -- Oh, we're becoming a banana republic over here. We'll look back fondly on these prices by the end of the year.

  3. In France it is actually $8.4 a gallon. Nothing comparable to croatia since the average monthly salary is higher. I really think that right now it is less expensive for the europeans to drive a car than for the americans. Europe since 1975 has developped car engines abble to do in average 34 mpg. Americans cars do in average 24 mpg. Europe has round about everywhere that prevent cars from making a complete stop at each corner. Europeans drive manual cars not automatic cars that were initially built for handicap people. Europeans know how to drive efficiently: they don't drive in the left busiest lane because they will have to turn left 4 lights later.
    I really think that even if the gaz is way more expensive in europe, europeans for the same distance spend less money in gaz than americans.
    advises for americans: Learn to drive, buy a manual car (do not buy trucks or SUVs)and have more round about.