Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Terminator: The Moped/Scooter Chronicles

I don't watch much TV off-the-air (since I get the shittiest basic cable package available -- and only because bundling that with internet is $5/mo. cheaper than internet alone), but I haven't spent the coin on a DVR yet, either. So, for some programs, hulu seems a natural. I think Summer Glau's about the hottest thang I ever set eyes upon, so I like to check this out when time allows.

Apologies for the low-res shot, but it's a screen capture of this episode, starting around 1m 45s (foreground, far left).

The moped looks faintly Tomos-ish; can't ID the scooter (although that topbox looks like my Shad!). The scooter shows up later in the episode, being ridden in the foreground of a shot with Summer on an L.A. sidewalk, but I didn't see anything distinguishing.

Anyone wanna try to ID it?

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  1. HEY it's James at ESS. We sent out emails today, but not sure if yours was sent or not, but they are shooting a music video tomorrow and want as many scooter riders as possible. Meeting at ESS at high noon. Thats Saturday the 22nd of November. Hope to see you there!