Saturday, November 22, 2008


I don't know Chuck Mead, but he's the dude singin' and playin' in the commercial, above. I gather that he was once a member of the band BR549.

I did, however, meet him today. James Duer from ESS sent out an e-mail, asking scooter riders to meet up at his place of business for Chuck's next music video, which heavily involves scooters.

We spent about four hours, hanging out at ESS and Shelby Park, me and about 20-some-odd other scooterists, riding different circuits for differently-placed RED cameras, generally in packs.

After the shoot, Chuck bought us beers at Three Crow Bar. Chuck rode his blue and white Honda C70 all day, and told us the story of how he came to love scootering. He grew up in Kansas, and had a C70 when he was younger. When he got to Nashville, he got the bug, again, and found a pristine C70 on craigslist about 20 miles from his father's home. So he bought it, arranged for his dad to pick it up, and when he came through town, picked it up, and hauled it back to Nashville.

Due to unexpected cloudiness, the shoot isn't done, and we were asked to come back next weekend (I'll be there; it was fun!).