Saturday, December 27, 2008

Support Your Local Sheriff

I don't write enough about this topic, but it's important to start a discussion.
Folx, please make an effort to support your local scooter dealer. When you find a good one, you really want them to be prosperous and available to you. Their ability to stay in business is what ensures us of quick, quality service on our wheels, accessability to quality parts, and perhaps best of all, free advice and social networking.

It's not always easy. I've bought a few items over the Internet, as you know. I've had some less-than-stellar experiences doing so, too. 

I obviously have a favored dealer in town -- ESS. I bought my first new scooter there, and a helmet, and a few odds and ends, like new tires for the Vino. I've spent a number of hours just hanging out there at various times over the past 18 months, though. From my plentiful observations, I'll say I have never seen anyone leave there unhappy that they've visited, whether they buy anything or not. I've seen them send people to their competition when the customer's needs called for it.

The Duers (who own and operate ESS) are not fly-by-nighters who will say anything to get your money. They're very professional, and go the extra mile to help their customers. Unlike many other dealers, they deal exclusively in filling the needs of scooterists, so they have no distractions or conflicts. They sell Genuine/Stella, Kymco, SYM and vintage Vespa, and they service what they sell. 

They've done a lot for me, for sure. They make me feel like family. 

They have, indirectly, via an unaffiliated local bulletin board, and via their customer e-mail database, kept me in touch with local happenings in the scooter community -- rides, picnics and other events. They've done a lot to foster that community, and it's really an invaluable service to me. I would not have known about the Chuck Mead video shoot if not for ESS letting me know about it.

Every time I stop in, I get a few of their business cards to stick in my wallet, because I give one to anyone who asks me about my scooters. 

So, if you need a cover, a lock, a new helmet, jacket or topbox... go see James and Josephine. If you need service (have you had your valve clearance checked?), or new tires, go see 'em. You'll be glad you did... and maybe you'll want to pass out some business cards too, just to show your appreciation.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. They are good folks that try to do what is right and it shows.

    I have been getting badgered by a few folks to drop the scooter and move to a motorcycle but I just don't think I can find a motorcycle dealer that will treat me with the same sense of family that these folks do.

    They truly are the gems in the Nashville 2-wheeled scene.