Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ain't That America?

Crazy idea.
It seems this guy that's fixin' to take the highest elected office in the land on Tuesday is seeking the public's input at Well, it's one thang to have a suggestions box, and quite another to actually act on any of the suggestions that are made, sure. However, it can't hurt to try when they're askin' for it, hm?

Seeing as how I think Congressman Ray LaHood (R-IL) -- Obama's nominee for Secretary of Transportation -- is about as controversial as Norman Mineta, I don't see anyone standing in the way of him sailing through the confirmation process in the Senate.

I'd like to call on my scooter homies to comment here on how they'd like to see scooters proposed to the new administration as at least a temporary, partial solution to America's transportation and energy issues. I want to assemble a report, online, that collects suggestions, data and ideas in one place, and then have all of us contact the presumptive new Secretaries of Transportation and Energy, as well as Mr. Obama and Mr. Emmanuel to let them know we're willing to be part of the solution.

We know of the Great Scooter Shortage of 2008, when gasoline prices soared to $4+/gallon all over the country. We know that a lot of people were looking for a solution, last summer, and a lot of people found a solution by adding a scooter to their vehicle inventories to substitute for a car, partially, at least. Vespa commissioned a study showing the fuel and CO2 reductions that could be realized if just 10% of all trips currently made by automobile were instead made by scooter, and the savings were enormous.

Then, we also have the situation with the auto manufacturing base in the U.S., where most of the companies are talking about plant closures or furloughs. These folks could get back to work, building high-quality, low-frills scooters (and other high-mpg vehicles).

Tax credits?  Sure. Great idea. How do we propose that?  Emissions standards?  Yes. Marketing?  Yes. Let's hear what you think.

I think we could be doing ourselves a big favor if we get all our ducks in a row, and present this properly. Think on it, and shoot me your thoughts in the comments!

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