Monday, January 19, 2009

Buy My Vino!

C'mon, people. My rent's due.

$1000 this week, and I'll throw in my awesome Icon Pursuit perforated leather jacket (size L), very lightly used (a $260 retail value). You'll be glad you did!


  1. Aw crap Jeffra. About another month (unless the electric rates go even higher) and I'd have enough to do the deal. Of course you'd have to ride it 100 or so miles west, but I'd give you a ride back home.

    And I desperately want a scooter even, this is not charity we would be talking. My household's only vehicle is a 21 year old LeBaron, so a backup transport of some sort is really, really needed.

    Best of luck on a sale though. Or coming into enough to cover the rent by whatever means. You've made it this far, I have faith in you. :)

  2. hey this is a modified 49cc correct?

    i'm looking at a silver 125 for about 1900 right now but...

    what's the high and avg speed for this guy? i have a 25 mile commute (one way) and need something that will keep up with traffic (40-50). so far, i don't even know if the 125 will keep up with that. let me know, my sister lives in the east nashville area so i get out that way a good bit, and have a truck. i may be interested...

  3. If only I could help ya there. My car treats me bad. I want your scooter.

    Alas, I have little cash. Got any bicycles?

  4. Hi Jones,

    just purchased brand new Kymco People S 250 with Givi 42l.

    So, now the list is:

    2003 Piaggio NRG 50 (just got new tires, rear shock and front fork)
    2005 Piaggio Beverly 200
    2008 Kymco Agility 125
    2009 Kymco People S 250


    Greetings from Croatia!