Sunday, February 8, 2009

Riding The Trace... In February?

Well, when it gets up to 72°F, yeah!

I actually went farther south than this -- to just south of the Buffalo River. Nextel apparently has spotty service south of the map area along the Trace, and between Centerville and TN-840, anyway. 

Realizing that fuel might become an issue (I'd already ridden to Columbia for one fill-up, which was 17 miles off the Trace), I turned around and headed back north, and decided to head towards Centerville and catch TN-100 back into town.

Here I am at the gas station beside the Loveless Cafe, before starting the Trace ride.

Ha!  At that gas station that was so far out of my way!

This was at the Water Valley overlook, I think. The view was somewhat marred by the high-tension power lines.

Baker's Branch overlook.

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  1. Baker's Branch Overlook is a fabulous photo!