Sunday, March 29, 2009

Save A Cowboy, Ride A Scooter

That there is Big Red Ugly, next to another local scooterist's recent acquisition of a 1998 Yamaha Riva 125. Both are illegally parked on a sidewalk in Five Points, in East Nashville, at the start of the Save Cowboy Keith Poker Run. He and I even have the same Shad (!) 29L top case.
The Poker Run was a success. No spills, no breakdowns, no one got lost and no hassles from the fuzz.  :)  Oliver led 21 riders on a merry route throughout east and south Nashville, stopping at four different businesses, and drawing cards at each stop. Then, the final card back at Five Points, where we arrived later than expected, but still with an hour to spare for the silent auction. I had three 10s, and was beat by a Jack-high straight (which the winner put back into the benefit fund... good guy, that Gene).

Much fun was had by all, and hopefully this will help defray some of Keith's expenses. Well done, Nashville!

There's a metric buttload of photos over at the ESS Fun page, for those interested.

UPDATE: Bill Power got a shot of me during our stop at Grimey's. As always, standin' around with my thumb up my ass.  :)

UPDATE II: Nashville Scene's Steve Cross snapped this photo of the Poker Run pack returning to Five Points. Can you spot Big Red Ugly?



  1. Naw, that isn't "thumb up the ass" pose!

    the guy in the yellow is clearly "Hear no evil" monkey. Dude on the right is in either "Speak no evil" or "pick no evil nose" monkey. hard to tell.

    You are on the other hand are in the "no damn evil monkey is gonna pick these pockets, no they are not!" posture. That is very advanced yoga I will have you know. ChiDy will confirm this.

    (good job on the ride. But O how I look forward to the day when there are no more Poker Runs, no more Chili Suppers, no more Silent Auctions as a means of paying for healthcare in this country. Ramen & so mote it be.)

  2. You're in this one too! :)