Monday, March 30, 2009

Scooter Club?

UPDATE: Click the image below to see the proposed artwork for patches and decals.

I think there's a critical mass of riders in Nashville, now. On any given ride or event, we seem to get around 20 people participating, out of a group of 40 or 50. Not being one to join clubs, etc., I thought it'd be cool to do something to identify ourselves as a loose affiliation of riders. No manditory meetings, no obligations... just a chance to buy some patches, decals, etc. to let people know you're a local scooter monkey. 
Let me know what you think by taking the poll, over to the right.


  1. Where's the category of "I'd Love To Do All Of The Above If I Only Had A Scooter! And Lived Less Than 100 Miles From Nashville!"?

    Huh? Well where?

    /flounces away, embittered by discriminatory scooter club votes

  2. Aw, Xan -- don't be that way! :)

    Seriously, this "club," as I envision it, will be quite a loose association. No dues, no obligations, no initiation, no secret handshake. Just swag that anyone can buy, if they want. :) And, we'll be helping to put together rides and events, in coordination with other scooter folx in the area.

    Simple, really.

    So, if you want a patch, you can git you one!

  3. Did you consider a Croatian branch? :)

  4. axy -- If you want a patch or a decal, I'm sure we can send you one! :)