Friday, May 29, 2009





At 8600km. Right after a blown head gasket at 8400km. Major, major repairs on a bike that should be under warranty. To replace this, the engine has to come out, the case cracked, and many, many hours of hard labor.

Up next: Open Letter To KymcoUSA.


  1. man that blows. you've had some interesting luck with kymco man...

  2. Boy, my oldest son out in Seattle is looking for a scooter. Guess he should avoid Kymco.

  3. You know, I repair some of the worlds best surgical instruments. Notice I said "repair". The very, very best of anything can and will have problems.
    Kymco needs to waranty these repairs. However, the fact that these problems exist on this one bike is not a general statement of Kymco quality. If they don't do thier part here they will look very bad.
    Good luck Jeff, Sorry you have had the month from scoot hell.

  4. Herfadore -- Oh, I know. I've just latched onto a bit of a lemon, it would seem. I do expect Kymco will want to help "make it right," as I'm sure they'll admit these are two failures that should not happen under normal riding in such a short period of time. The mechanic pointed out to me that when he replaced the head gasket, the new gasket came with a bit of sealant already applied to the corner where mine gave out, leading him to believe that Kymco may have discovered this could be an issue, after having these bikes on the road a while.

    The cam chain was puzzling to the mechanic, as well... he said he's seen bikes with 10x the mileage of mine that have the original cam chain in them... he says this is NOT a common failure.