Friday, August 7, 2009

PWP Ride, 8/2/09, Part 3 of 5

From Flag Pole Hill to the Ramp Hollow Picnic area. With special golf cart action! :)

Parts I and II.
Part IV. Part V.


  1. hypnotic. very nice.

    is part 4 the section when godzilla leaps out of the woods chasing bambi, and a giant curly drops out of a tree, defeats godzilla, and rescues bambi?

    do all the little forest creatures then rejoice, and in thanks grant you and curly universal health care?

    hmmm. the pain killer is talking tonight.



  2. :lol:

    No... but I have seen several Bambis on my rides through this park... three in the area very near the end of this clip, on the ride prior to this one, actually. They let me get very close before being spooked... BRU is a quiet scooter.