Saturday, August 8, 2009

PWP Ride, 8/2/09, Part 4 of 5

From the Ramp Hollow Picnic area to the Luke Lea Overlook, where one can see downtown Nashville, nine miles away.

Part I.
Part II.
Part III.
Part V.


  1. what a view! envy, envy.

    the music is lovely. perfect match.
    can you tell us what it is?

    thanks, jp


  2. baudin -- I used YouTube's "audio swap" feature, which is not the greatest... can't fade/edit the clip in any way. But I did this because using tracks from my CD collection leads to a lot of my videos having the audio blanked, altogether.

    I looked, and didn't see any obvious link, but I have to think there's a place on the YouTube page that tells what the piece is, artist, etc.

  3. Ah! The track data is located on the YouTube page, under "Sataistics and data" -- in this case, the track is "Actual Size," by Peggy Stern, from the release Actual Size.