Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is All Gas Created Equal?

Well, who can know, without labs and shit?

Anyway, since using Fuelly, I've noticed upward ticks in my mileage after filling up with Exxon and Shell, rather than the usual fuel I get at Pilot (which is nearby, and several cents cheaper than just about anyone else in the neighborhood). I noted that Exxon did not have any ethanol notices on their pumps, and so the next-to-last fuel-up was at a small, nearby, independent station that proclaimed they were dispensing ethanol-free fuel. My mileage was only average on that tank.

So yesterday, I filled up at Exxon, again. Let's see how this tank goes.


  1. The bad news is that most scooters need high octane, non ethanol fuel. The good news is that ethanol is only in regular blends in the US and not the premium fuels.

    So pump premium without concern about ethanol.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  2. Steve -- I've had several mechanics tell me that high octane fuel is wasted in the relatively low-compression engines of modern 4-stroke scooters.

    Still, I think I'll keep experimenting and use my results from Fuelly to base future fuel purchasing decisions. :)

    Love your site, btw. Great photos, great writing.