Thursday, September 10, 2009

When It Pains, It Roars

Coming home from ESS tonight, I hit a bad patch of asphalt on Charlotte Ave., and heard a terrible noise. I slowed, and pulled off, only to continue hearing the terrible noise.

It was my Shad (!) SL29 topbox, sliding along the pavement, and eventually catching right up to me at the side of the road. I hit the bump hard enough to unlatch the box from the mounting plate. That's pretty hard.

It's scraped up pretty bad, but otherwise seems to be okay.

1 comment:

  1. 1. It fell off my ex. Piaggio Beverly 200 too few years go. Yours is black, mine was metallic silver. Had to comletely repaint it.

    2. It fell of my ex. Piaggio NRG mc2 72 cc 2 stroke.

    In both instances I have simply drilled holes through the topcase and put four screws. Voila.

    Right now I have both on Agility and People "regular" latching system, as designed by Givi, but I am looking suspiciously at both and every day I think it would be better to put those screws in advance, before it fells off and gets scraped.