Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hell's Bell's Bend

After yesterday's ride, I knew I'd want to ride today -- 64°F, sunny, beautiful! However, we covered a lot of miles, yesterday, so the first order of business was to refuel, as I can only safely get about 100 miles per tank. I rode out to Bellevue first, since they had Teh Cheep Gazz, and it's not so out-of-the-way from where I was planning to ride. When I got home and entered the data into Fuelly, it's obvious that BRU either likes 50-60mph, or warmer temperatures.

I took this at the side of the road on Hydes Ferry Pike, outside Ashland City. This spot doesn't get much sun, but we saw a lot of this (and snow, still on hillsides) yesterday on the Trace ride.

Given the constant falling of mud, small rocks and water in this spot, I became growingly less comfortable with BRU parked underneath this bit of geology. After I shot a minute of video that included a Metro cop coming upon me (which I may upload later), I packed up and moved on.

My big destination for the day: Bell's Bend Park. Even though Bell's Bend is right across the river from where I live, today's the first time I'd been out to the park, which is relatively new (2007). It takes a bit of doin' to get there from where I live, really, as there are no nearby bridges to get to that side of the Cumberland. Bob, in comments on the catblog this morning, unwittingly suggested this to me as today's destination, as he was curious about the big, undeveloped patch o' land across the river from where I live. He likes to travel places via Google Maps, like I do!

I love the big chunk of sandstone they used to make the sign, though.

Poor BRU gets left behind. Only people, dogs and horses allowed in the park, proper.

An old barn just inside the park, south on the trail a tenth of a mile. It probably houses the park's maintenance equipment, ATVs, etc.

The park's Nature Center off in the distance (maybe 300 yds.), taken from the barn.

Even though the Nature Center was closing by the time I got there, the friendly Metro Parks guy invited me in to take some photos and make use of the facilities, if needed. This guy didn't want an early dinner -- he's still stuffed from lunch.

Bell's Bend Park on the map. I live closer to the slightly cockeyed photo off on the right margin.

In fact, I live under the first occurrence of the word "Metro," here.

When the road sign says "ROAD ENDS IN WATER, 500 FEET," they ain't shittin' ya. Just across the river are homes on Annex Avenue, less than a mile from where I live. There used to be a ferry that ran, here.

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