Friday, February 19, 2010

Barren Trees and Honeybees

oellrichm and I rode a little bit of the Natchez Trace, today. We met up at the Loveless Cafe... he in his race truck, a Honda Elite 250 in the bed (no ramp -- what a brute of a guy!), and I on Big Red Ugly, of course.

Here's BRU in front of the famous landmark.

The Loveless Cafe, where I have never eaten.

See how much they love us? Loveless? Loveful!

A remarkably good portrait of Carol Fay, the Biscuit Lady. I've only seen her on TV, but I'd recognize her, anywhere!

See that overpass, 100 yards away? That's the northern terminus of the Natchez Trace, boys and girls.

Something for the rubes. I saw license plates from seventeen states in the parking lot while I waited for oellrichm to arrive.

Me too, buddy. I wonder if the title of this is "Hangover."

An auditorium? This is new! Apparently they have live hootenannies on Wednesday nights.

Two photos from where we ended up turning back and heading towards town, again -- the Water Valley Overlook.

More photos tomorrow, if I do this ride again with more peoples.

UPDATE: Forgot to add that I did this ride barely over a year ago (and then some), when it was 20°F warmer than it was, today.

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