Monday, August 30, 2010

Holy MPG, Batman!

I have to believe that the last fill-up has tossed a wrench in thangs, although theoretically, it shouldn't, since calculates by how many miles you traveled and how much fuel you put in. If you'll recall, I filled-up last Sunday before my ride with Jason, but I only needed about 1/2 tank to top up. Still, any time you fill it to the cutoff point, fuelly wants you to treat that as a fill-up (and any time you don't, you log it as a partial, as that will throw things off if not recorded as such).

As a waypoint, my highest recorded mileage before today was 66.1MPG.

Regardless, I'll take 63.11MPG average since the repair.

UPDATE: 9/3, 7th fill-up, 64.6MPG last tank. New average, post-repairs is now 63.33MPG.

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