Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Periodically, someone in Nashville will ask, "Why can Chattanooga have the Hill City United, and Memphis have the Kings... and we have... a web site that gets updated once a year, and no one ever meets up for a beer?"

Okay, that's just me, usually. :) But lately, there have been others trying to bandy about the idea of a bit of (see -- weasel words!) an actual local scooter club. Y'know... hang out for a couple of hours one night every couple of weeks, plan some rides and stuff, and just generally participate as much as one feels comfortable.

Well, we're trying to figure out a night that might be convenient. shawnmc over at scootnashville.com has suggested somewhere between East Nashville and Hendersonville as a spot to gather (I like the idea of close to downtown so most people won't have a 40-mile schlep), and it'd probably be like the 1st and 3rd (day of week) every month to hang out, plan evil plans, update a web site, and maybe get up a ride or two.

If you live in the Nashville area, and have a night preference, please vote over to the right.

UPDATE: Voting is closed. There will be an announcement of a regular "scooter night meetup" at scootnashville.com, shortly.

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