Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Paraphrase Pulp Fiction

"... let's not go writin' each other's eulogies just yet!"

Yeah, I know: Dolomite, it's bad out there. The economy fucking sucks, some of us (ahem!) have not had a steady paycheck in over two years, the folx we elected and from whom we expected change (heh) seem to be much more concerned with making sure that billionaires get to hang onto their billions than about you and me, and... well, everything fucking sucks, quite honestly!

All is not lost, however.

As Ross points out, we can do our part. We can support our local dealers. Stop with the eBay shit already (and I'm as guilty as anyone, I promise), and go see what your dealer can do for you.

They're certainly trying to make a living, but you know what happens if they can't?

You get to work on your scooter the next time it breaks down, 'cause they can't pay the rent, any more... hope you have a place to work on it, and a good line on parts! Plus, there's no good place to hang out on Saturdays and meet the locals who're riding. There's one fewer place trying to organize rides. You'll be at the mercy of strangers on the Internet for advice on that next upgrade you wanna try.

We can (and should!) organize a grassroots, local campaign. I know for a fact there are scores of two-car families in Nashville who could replace one car with a scooter, and save $2000 a year or more, and have fun doing it. Let's get out there, and evangelize, dammit!

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