Monday, August 2, 2010

Stress test II: Scottsboro Blues

So, tonight was Phase Two of the stress testing for BRU: Up Briley Parkway to Ashland City Highway, up to Scottsboro, to the Lewis Country Store.

The scooter stayed stable, cool as a cucumber-slumber, and retained its rocket-like acceleration from 0-50mph. Top speed, WOT, on level ground? 79mph. So, maybe I've shaved off a few mph top speed with the 20g Dr Pulley sliders, but now that the new belt's breaking in, maybe not so many as I originally thought. I know I was passing most traffic on Briley with ease, and started to be concerned about the local constabulary. ;)

Also noted: A notice for the Clarksville annual event, the Toy Run (9/17-19), for which I hope to register and participate. If you want to help sponsor me, click the Donate button at top right -- entry fee is only $25, and anything I get over that I will contribute to help make a child's Christmas, this year.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention -- BRU's first post-repair tank? 64.1mpg. That's about 9mpg better than my average, and I've been riding it pretty hard.

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