Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Intuit (maker of QuickBooks, et al) Sucks, And Here Is Why

Intuit are extortionists.

The shop calls me early this morning, saying they're unable to complete a sale using the QuickBooks Point-of-Sale software they've been using since the shop opened. I'm their computer "go-to" guy. Their accountant -- who normally deals with All Things Intuit -- is unavailable.

Why might this be? Well, the new payroll tax exemptions put through by the Obama administration (to avoid doing the hard work of pointing out that the richest fuckers on Planet Earth need to pay a perfectly-justifiable little more) means that the FICA withholding on poor folx is going to be 2% less than it was last year. That meant the QuickBooks server software needed an upgrade, which the accountant has just dutifully performed in the last few days... huzzah! $187, and life is good... right?

NO. $187 for one computer, $997 for the other computer that does the actual cash drawer functions. Yay, free market! Or, as I like to call it, extortion.

See, the computer that actually sells people stuff now needs a software upgrade too, to be compatible with the new server software. Two computers -- one acting as server/database manager; one as client/sales/cash register.

One computer works. The one that makes it possible to open the cash drawer? Not so much! UNTIL the $1000 ransom is paid!

So, the quest begins. After an hour, both computers have the necessary software downloaded from After 90 minutes, both computers have the software mostly installed (after a lengthy refreshing of Micro$oft's .NET framework, anyway). Then, the software asks the $1000 question: Have thee a license number and product code?

Well, fuck NO, we don't have that -- there was never an option prior to this to allow us to PAY for such a privilege!

So then the online chats and phone calls start.

(to be continued)

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