Sunday, April 10, 2011

Enemy Camp

My first brown t-shirt ever! I like the design -- a Vespa GTS 250ie (just like my buddy Steve's) in front of the Ryman... very classy, IMO.

And I'm joking about the "enemy" shit -- Bloodworth serves a different clientele than ESS, really. Although I have had a few customers tell me they would never return there (for whatever their reasons -- I won't go into it, as I have no bone to pick), they have been nothing but very nice to me whenever I've had to order parts for a customer's modern Vespa or Piaggio, and have dropped in to chat or pick up said parts (I live very nearby the dealership). I suspect too that scooter sales make up a very small segment of their business, which may be why they're trying to cultivate some scooter rides and activities presently. Seems most of their business is in selling and servicing the rather nice BMW and Ducati motorcycles, but they have a very decent selection of Vespas and Piaggios, as well.

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