Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Like It.

"I've seen you on a blog, right?" he introduced himself to me.

"Um, yeah, quite likely! I spend a lot of time on the Internet," I replied, shaking his offered hand. Thus was I introduced to a new member of (or prospective member, I should say... we're not really a formal organization, anyway). R. is just now in the research and shopping phase, and we're so glad to have people like him stopping in!

Flying the flag. Come one, come all!

Ed passes The Duck to Jason. I will let them tell you why and how this happened.

Susan came by to meet up with us, and brought samples of her wares (electric scooters that have a 55-mile range and a top speed of 30-35MPH, with a full charging time of 90 minutes); we'll be talking with her soon to get more details. I'd link to her web site, but it seems to be Flash-based, and doesn't display anything to me using Chrome 10.x. I could probably fix that for her.

J.T.'s schweet Lambretta, all washed and waxed for the cameras.

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