Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Hot As Balls."

This was today's key phrase, and it was muttered many times.

Willy had summoned a ride via faceborg, so I showed up at his doorstep at 1:00, ready to ride. I could see from his lawn the grass had not been cut -- his prerequisite for riding, today. So, we had a chat, went out and hung out in his shed, and he showed me "what remained" of his collection of Vespas, an odd Stella and Bajaj, and a Lambretta Jet 200. Then, Ross called to say he was on his way, to see if he could get a jet from Willy. He arrived, and Willy re-diagnosed his Stella difficulties: Some dumbass installed the wrong spark plug!

So, off we went to Advance Auto Parts to secure some odds and ends.

Later, Norm met up with us, and we rode out River Road. Here we are at the green "S" on the map, below (near the westernmost yellow dot), having some tasty beverages and cooling off after two assholes decided to unsafely pass us.

Norm, the fire tower I know about is where the blue "X" is on the map. As you can see, Wiley Pardue Rd. isn't the only way to get there -- we could have gone north on River Rd., west on TN-49, then south on TN-250. It's right across from this place.

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