Monday, July 11, 2011

Stop Light Conversation

Photo used under Creative Commons license. Photo by sun dazed.

After leaving the meet-up tonight, on the way home, I was sitting in the left turn lane at 46th Ave. and Charlotte. A newish Harley Sportster pulled up alongside me in the straight-right lane; a guy with a full-face riding, and a woman in a 3/4 helmet riding pillion. He blipped the throttle, trying (succeeding) to make noise, and I could see she leaned into his helmet to have a bit of convo.

She turns to me: "Wanna race?"

"Sure! Up to 60 (MPH), you're only gonna see my taillight."

She laughs. "Whaddaya wanna bet?"

Having had a beer, I say, "Who you go home with, tonight?"

She laughs uproariously! "Okay! So, what do we get if you lose?"

"Who I go home with tonight?"

The light turns green, but I still hear her laughing. I think her male friend was less than amused...

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