Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hoppy New Beer!

As The Man himself once said, "Are we gonna ride, or are we gonna talk about riding?"

Well, today we rode. Eight of us set out to do the West Side's Best Ride from Thorntons, 20 minutes late (as usual -- but we were waiting for a motorcycle guy who's name I think is Allan; he discovered that he had no headlights, and left Thorntons to check at NAPA for a solution... alas, that was at 12:45).

Here's Dan, Michele and Ed, on our first stop @ Old Charlotte and Sam's Creek.

Michele and Norm with some of the scoots lined up at Grumpy's (Wiley Pardue & TN-250).

Richard was pretty happy with the ride.

Michele stowing or un-stowing something at Grumpy's. That SYM Fiddle II is their family's 4th scooter!  How cool is her GoGo Gear jacket?

Franck does some Twittering...?  :)

The fire tower across from Grumpy's.

Have a Happy, Safe New Year's!

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