Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Day In The 50s

Fahrenheit, I mean... not 1950s, where tax rates were more progressive, and we we able to build an interstate highway system, rather than argue about mooching grandma sucking up too many Medicare dollars, right?

Ed had posted a ride invitation to Percy Warner Park and Franklin, which sounded like a fun time. We started the ride from The Turnip Truck in The Gulch. All of the Taiwanese "Big Three" were represented: Genuine/PGO, SYM and Kymco.

Ed pauses prior to entering Percy Warner Park to attach his Hippo Hands to his Buddy.

Michele makes a helmet adjustment, and then we're into the park! REPRESENT.

Ooooh, ahhhh.

Hippo Hands not quite what Ed had expected. Some modifications will be made.

At this point in PWP, Michele spied one of her clients riding her bike up the path. After some exchanged greetings and an incident involving bodily secretions, said client invited us to come have a beer and hear some live music at her bike shop, later.

What a neat shop, this Gran Fondo, yeah. I had no idea you could get a bike that shifts gears wirelessly, electronically... no cables!  Or that many of today's serious bicycle wheels feature fewer spokes, and they're shaped like little blades that slice the air. I did know you could buy a bicycle that cost over $5000, but I did not know where, exactly... until today. And I have owned guitars that weighed more than said bicycle. It's a whole different world, but one I was happy to graze against long enough to be curious; Ed can help me figure this stuff out, as he used to work in a high-end bike shop, at one time.

Great ride, folks... and thanks for the awesome lunch at Mellow Mushroom!

UPDATE: Oops!  Forgot the map!

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