Monday, January 9, 2012

Neil and Jack and Me

Melissa and I met up in Centennial Park on Sunday at the appointed time. A few minutes later, Tonya arrived, and we waited to see who else might show, but it was just the three of us. So, we rode to the Loveless Cafe to see if anyone might meet us at this announced pause-point.

Tonya and her kickass Yamaha...

Melissa and her kickass SYM.

Other riders?  It was not to be. It was clammy, cool and cloudy, so we didn't have high expectations. So, Tonya and Melissa and I headed down the Natchez Trace to Leiper's Fork to meet with the other group of riders at Puckett's Grocery.

X-Ray Dave was there to greet us with a hot cup of coffee. Several others were there -- Norm, Vic, Richard, Glenn. Not a bad turnout for a day that looked about ready to piss down the rain, all day.

The grill at Puckett's.

Bad live music, whoa. Love the hairstyles.

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