Thursday, June 14, 2012

Discontinued? Or...

... recalled?  I wanna know!

Now that I have income, I was considering a different face shield for the Fulmer AF MB helmet which I have, but have not been wearing a lot, due to its level of discomfort. It's a 2XL, but with the headliner padding in it, and the chin bar down, it squeezes my mandible as if it were in a fuckin' vice. It was made for a head shaped like Megamind's.

But "bohica!" was five years old this month, and it was past due for the dumpster, so that's where it went.

Checking Fulmer's site, I see the AF MB is discontinued. I suspect a lot of people had issues with the fit, and the Chinese factory got a pink slip.

Google isn't telling me much... what do you scooter people hear?

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