Thursday, June 28, 2012

Now You See It, Now You Don't

Bad Penny broke down on TN-840 between Smyrna and Lebanon on Tuesday evening, about 7 p.m. Loss of power, followed by a peg-out of the temperature gauge. Hm. Head Gasket #3 seems likely.

I was on the way to meet up with Andre, to do some network troubleshooting. I gave him a call, and he immediately hopped in the car and sped towards my breakdown spot. When he arrived, I tried it again, with him following. Within a minute, same loss of power. I pulled off, parked it 20+ yards from the shoulder in a gentle culvert (to make it less obvious, and to get it off the shoulder) on a flat piece of limestone. I fired up MyTracks, set a waypoint, and hopped in Andre's Buick.

Fast-forward to Thursday afternoon, about 4:20. I still had not secured a truck, when a co-worker asked where my scooter was. I explained to him, and he was like, "Oh, shit!  If you had called me Tuesday night, I'd have been right there with my truck and trailer!" So, we went there this afternoon, straight after work.

The only problem being... Bad Penny was gone.

Okay, let's call the Tennessee Highway Patrol, and see if they towed it, as abandoned. Oh, the numbers online listed for the Rutherford County post are all disconnected!  How convenient.

Once I got home tonight, I called the non-emergency number for Metro Police, and asked if they had a better THP number. They gave me one, and I did in fact reach someone at THP. They could find no record of towing in a scooter from TN-840 in the last two days, so I asked if they had a number for the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office, so I could report it stolen. "Oh," said the dispatcher. "Ask them if THEY towed it, 'cause they also patrol TN-840, and don't always coordinate abandoned vehicles with us."

BINGO. RCSO had it towed, and they gave me the address and phone for the towing company.

Let's see if you can figure out why I might get Bad Penny back without paying a towing charge or storage.

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